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Who I Am

I’m Chris Martin, a programmer living in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been writing software for about 20 years, 10 of that “professionally”. In addition to writing software, I enjoy Kendo, Bicycling, Anime, Video Games, and Comics. I’m starting to warm up to board games, as well. This page started life as my attempt at an “artsy” cover letter similar to one a former coworker mad, and thus it focuses more on my technical interests, rather than personal. You can find out more at the following links: Github LinkedIn Twitter

What I Want to Do

I want to be part of a team that enjoys working together, making software that people enjoy using, with awesome tools.

What I Like

I like programming in language that offer a combination of functional and OO paradigms. Languages like Ruby, C#, Objective-C, Java Script, and Python. I like the fact that I got to use the word paradigm in a sentence.

Learning new languages, frameworks, and techniques is a hobby of mine, and I love people who can help me learn more. Teaching other people what I know is just as much fun to me as learning something new.

I like when the continuous integration server is green.

I’m happy working on web apps, desktop apps, server side, and client side, although I prefer to spend as little time as possible in a database.

Debugging is fun, debugging without the source code is even more fun. I could spend hours with IDA Pro, OllyDbg, WinDbg, and gdb. Reverse engineering, sniffing the network, figuring out exactly how that binary works is how I sometimes spend a Friday night. Occasionally I spend early Saturday morning writing an exploit based on what I found out late Friday night.

Reading security blogs, reading programming blogs, reading mac blogs, reading ruby blogs, and sometimes even reading non-technical books.

I like Unix based operating systems, and shiny, fruit-themed hardware. I tolerate windows.

I like my Shepard mix mutt with a Thai name.

What I’ve Done

From 2011 until 2013, I worked at Symantec in Beaverton, OR. I was part of a great team that worked on a C# application with an embedded chromium rendering engine for demand generation. I also worked on the Web Application front end that was rendered in the engine. Oh, and a bunch of build scripts in PowerShell and python to build the software.

During this same time, I did some freelance iOS work working with Map Kit, Core Location, Core Bluetooth.

From 2009 until 2011, I worked for a government contractor named Bridgeborn where I wrote data visualization tools in Flash, Silverlight, and C#. These tools were integrated into .NET Web Applications. I also worked on a prototype 3D rendering engine for the iPad using NSXMLParser and OpenGL ES. I also worked on a data visualization tool using Map Kit.

I worked for Utiliant from 2008 and 2009, developing desktop WPF applications and ASP.NET MVC web applications Map Kit and UIKit iOS applications were also prototyped by me, and integrated with JSON based web services used by our other insurance applications.

Before that, I worked as an instructor. I taught people how to program in C#, SQL, and how to use the ASP.NET frameworks.
I also taught people how to (ethically) hack into things. Teaching the Certified Ethical Hacker courses was some of the most fun I’ve ever had at any job. Networking and Security courses were also part of my curriculum.

What I’ve Learned

I studied Geography with a GIS concentration at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. They gave me a BA for my troubles. I also minored in Computer Science. I studied C# and .NET with Microsoft, and became certified to teach them. I also studied Ethical Hacking, and am certified to teach that too.

Who Likes Me

References available upon request


A more traditionally formatted resume/cover letter is also available upon request.